Expansion Frenzy as FRESHIPPO Opens a Store Each Day


“They say at Freshippo good things come in large quantities

Freshippo, also named Hema Fresh is a Chinese retail company owned by Alibaba.  It is best known for its innovative new retail model that is driven by big data and advanced technology.

The first Freshippo was opened in Shanghai, China in January 2016.

Fast forward to today.  Beginning on September 28, 2023, Freshippo will open one store per day across China in what has been called an “expansion frenzy.” It is now one of the largest supermarket chains in China with over 350 stores in total reflecting the Chinese consumer’s demand for high quality grocery products.  The latest store openings include 16 Freshippo Xiansheng supermarkets whose name in Mandarin means “fresh food”.  These stores feature a large variety of fresh and packaged goods – not only locally sourced but from overseas as well.  Products can be purchased in-store or ordered online.

Note that earlier this year, the company announced another cluster of openings  when 12 stores in eight cities were opened in a single day.

Natural ingredients, flavor and brand reliability are shoppersbiggest buying considerations for food products,” according to consultancy McKinsey’s 2022 China Consumer Survey.

Freshippo has also launched 3 compact Freshippo mini shops, and 9 Freshippo Outlet stores (this is the budget brand) and will trial online operations for a “members-only” Freshippo X Club in October which will be in Beijing. Once fully open, it will be the city’s first warehouse membership store in the downtown area.

There is also one entirely new model that will be launched in Shanghai.  It will be in a 60-floor skyscraper in the heart of the city.  This inaugural “Black Label” store will offer consumers a grocery experience that is boutique in nature where they can find upmarket products from around the world. It will open ahead of the mid-Autumn festival which begins on September 29th this year.

The demand for imported food products growing and Freshippo must keep its 350 stores across 27 Chinese cities supplied.  Its global supply chain strategy is a key component for success and Freshippo has already formed strategic partnerships with 13 retailers, brands, associations, and consulting firms in Shanghai.  It is also setting up 8 procurement centers around the world in addition to signing agreements worth more than $1 billion in total with partners in Europe and Southeast Asia.

At the writing of this article, Jose Castillo, the President of Noon International, LLC is just completing an extensive trip to many areas in Mainland China. It will be interesting to learn of his visits to the various supermarkets and more about Freshippo!

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Freshippoは盒馬鮮生(Hema Fresh)の名前でも知られる中国の小売企業で、アリババの子会社です。新しい革新的な小売りの事業モデルで知られていて、ビッグデータをはじめ高度な技術を駆使しています。





また、Freshippoは、小型店3店舗と安価な品揃えが売りのアウトレット店9店舗も開設し、さらに10月には、北京に開設予定のFreshippo X Clubという会員制店舗のためのオンラインサービスを試験的に導入する計画です。これが正式にオープンすれば、北京の中心部で初めてのウェアハウス型会員制店舗になります。



私がこの記事を書いている間にも、Noon International社長のJose Castilloが中国本土の各地を訪れる出張を終えようとしているところです。さまざまなスーパーを訪れて得た洞察とFreshippoについての詳細を聞くのを楽しみにしています!

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