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Tech-Enabled Traceability Video Series for Companies of All Sizes


The FDA has launched its first video that focuses on how food safety and consumer protection from foodborne illness can be enhanced using tech-enabled traceability.

This first video is primarily focused on Supply Chain Technology and how companies of all sizes can utilize low or no-cost tech enabled traceability technologies.

In this video, 5 companies demonstrate their particular approach to low or no-cost traceability technologies within diverse parts of the food supply chain. The roundtable participants discuss opportunities for firms “to voluntarily adopt tracing technologies, harmonize tracing activities, and ways to incentivize the development and implementation of scalable and cost-effective traceability hardware, software, or data analytics platforms.

This video is a resource for food producers, technology providers, and other stakeholders interested in advancing food traceability concepts and supporting efforts to achieve end-to-end traceability throughout the food safety system, at low- or no-cost to the end user, as outlined in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety blueprint.”

The FDA does not endorse any technology, company, or solution, and the views and opinions of the video series participants represent those of the speakers and should not be considered to represent advice or guidance on behalf of FDA. The companies featured in this video participated in the Low- or No-Cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge and that expressed interest in participating in this series

Participating companies in Episode 1:

  • Morpheus Network provides Agri-Food producers, exporters, and retailers with a Digital Footprint for end-to-end shipment history that supports regulatory compliance and helps optimize supply chain operations.
  • Bamboo Rose is a Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Business Network that provides a globally accessible and secure environment for organizations and their partners to share information related to product development and supply chain.
  • Nira develops and maintains software solutions that enable food supply chain partners and regulators to discover and access product information from authoritative sources.
  • iFoodDS offers a comprehensive food supply chain platform for food safety, traceability, and quality management.
  • Varcode creates a temperature-based traceability safety network from consumer back to the point of origination to better facilitate recall procedures.

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  • Morpheus Network:農業食品生産者、輸出業者、小売業者にデジタルフットプリントを提供し、エンドツーエンドの出荷履歴を実現することで、規制コンプライアンスやサプライチェーン業務の最適化を助けます。
  • Bamboo Rose:多企業型サプライチェーンビジネスネットワーク。企業やそのパートナーが製品開発やサプライチェーンに関する情報を共有する世界的にアクセス可能で安全な環境を提供します。
  • Nira:食品サプライチェーンのパートナーや規制当局が信頼性の高い情報源から製品情報を取得できるよう、ソフトウェアソリューションの開発とメンテナンスを行います。
  • iFoodDS:食品安全、トレーサビリティ、品質管理に対応する包括的な食品サプライチェーンプラットフォームを提供します。
  • Varcode:消費者から原産地までさかのぼる温度ベースのトレーサビリティ安全ネットワークを作成し、リコール手続きを促進します。



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