Tomato Sushi Anyone?


Fewer than one in ten Americans describe themselves as vegetarian, but plant-based foods are more popular than ever. According to new research, plant-based food sales were up 20% in 2017, soaring to $3.3 billion. Plant-based meat alternatives are especially gaining popularity, with a 24% increase in sales that resulted in $670 million – compared to only a 2% increase in sales of animal-protein foods.

This leap includes a broad range of food products. Some vegetarian proteins, such as seitan and tempeh, have enjoyed quiet popularity for years before recently breaking into new audiences. Along with tofu, these plant-based foods deliver a substantial dose of protein and a mild flavor that’s easily disguised by seasonings or marinades.

But other plant-based foods capitalize on their ability to replicate the taste and satisfaction of meat. Two companies, Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, made headlines when they bet their burgers could satisfy meat lovers. Both brands also scored deals with burger-centric fast food chains that put their claims to the test.

Recently introduced by Ocean Hunger Foods, Inc. is a plant based alternative to raw tuna.   Named “Ahimi”, a secret process using tomatoes to resemble the look, taste, and mouth feel of raw tuna creates an alternative plant based sushi roll.  With one third of the fish population over fished this is sure to be a winner!  Next up will be carrot based salmon and eggplant eel!

Yes, food producers are finding new ways to market plant-based foods that offer filling protein. Desserts are using hummus to pair protein-rich chickpeas with sweet flavors like brownie batter, vanilla and snickerdoodle, while pea milk received an injection of venture capital funding as a protein-packed alternative to other plant milks.

We believe the plant based trend is here to stay with boundless opportunities to use plants in the foods we love to eat.



一方、肉のような味と満足感を再現しやすいことで人気を博している植物性の食品もあります。Impossible FoodsとBeyond Meatの2社は、肉好きの人にも満足してもらえるとするバーガーで話題になりました。どちらもバーガー系のファストフード店から受注を獲得したのです。肉好きの人が本当に満足するのかどうか、注目です。

また、Ocean Hugger Foodsは、マグロに代わる植物性食品を発売しました。「アヒミ」と呼ばれていて、トマトに秘密の加工を施すことで、見た目も味も食感もマグロの刺身のようになり、植物性の巻きずしを作れるそうです。世界中の漁場の3分の1が乱獲状態にあるそうですから、これは間違いなくヒットするでしょう。現在開発中の次なる商品は、ニンジンを使ったサケの代替品とナスを使ったウナギの代替品です!



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