Unleash Your Friday Frenzy with Free Fries at Wendy’s & Discover McDonald’s Exciting New Breakfast Bonanza!


If you’re a Wendy’s customer (and even if you’re not), Wendy’s has made Fridays special for everyone and anyone.  The company announced recently that it is giving away a free order of any size fries with any purchase, every Friday through the end of 2024 beginning April 19, 2024.  So, for example, if you purchase a small drink you can also receive your order of any size fries at no cost.

The only catch in redeeming this offer is the customer must login to Wendy’s app or create an online account at wendy’  As soon as you log in, you’ll see the free fries offer. You can use it on a mobile order or if you just walk into a Wendy’s by loading the offer on your card before scanning at the register. 

Pretty simple and pretty smart!   But Wendy’s isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their heart.  It’s a clever marketing approach to gain names and customer information to be used on later promotions. Rather than paying for traditional advertising which can be costly, they have decided to make the customer happy while at the same time getting information that is useful to the company.  Everyone wins.  With the high food prices we face today, customers are more than willing to trade their email and phone number for free food.

Oh, and once you’re at Wendy’s, you might want to try their new Orange Dreamsicle Frosty!

Not to be outdone by Wendy’s, Burger King is also offering free any size fries with purchase and McDonald’s announced a Free Fries Friday offering free medium fries with any $1 mobile order and pay purchase.  So far, Wendy’s offer seems to be the most generous.

McDonalds Bagels or Doughnuts?

Bagels are back on the menu again at thousands of McDonald’s locations from New York to California and according to franchisees they’re a hit.  McDonald’s stopped serving bagels in 2020 due to low sales performance, but now about one third of nearly 14,000 US locations have them back on the menu and customers love it.  One reason may be the affordability of this item for consumers wanting a healthier approach to breakfast at a reasonable price.

However, McDonald’s recently announced it has teamed up with Krispy Kreme, who will deliver three choices of deliciously calorific doughnuts fresh daily that will be available to the public as a single item or in boxes of six starting at breakfast and lasting all day while supplies last.  If you’re a Krispy Kreme fan, you can purchase the Original Glazed Doughnut – “the doughnut that started it all”, or the Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles Doughnut (dipped in chocolate and covered in rainbow sprinkles), or the Chocolate Iced Kreme-Filled Doughnut – a light fluffy dough filled with a smooth Kreme filling then dipped in chocolate icing!  Sounds pretty delicious but I’m not so sure about first thing in the morning.

No matter what you choose or where you decide to spend your money, fast food continues to grow in popularity and feed the public what they want – it’s easy (especially with all the apps available), it’s fast (as the name fast food implies) and there are healthy choices -if you don’t go for the doughnuts!

Lily Noon


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とてもシンプル、とてもスマートです! でも、Wendy’sが単なる善意でこれをしているわけではありません。顧客の名前や他の情報を入手して、後のプロモーションに使えるようにするという、賢いマーケティングのアプローチです。伝統的な広告を使えば大金を費やす可能性がありますが、それよりも顧客を喜ばせて、同時に会社にとって有益な情報を手に入れることを選んだというわけです。これなら全員にメリットがあります。食費高騰の折ですから、メールアドレスや携帯電話の番号と引き換えに無料で食べ物が手に入るのなら喜んでという消費者も多いことでしょう。

それに、Wendy’sに足を運ぶのなら、ついでに新しいドリンク「Orange Dreamsicle Frosty」も試してみるとよいかもしれません!

Wendy’sに負けじと、Burger Kingも商品を購入した人にどのサイズでもフライドポテト1個を無料で提供していますし、McDonald’sも金曜日に1ドル以上の商品をモバイルアプリで注文して支払うとMサイズのフライドポテト1個が無料という特典を開始しました。これまでのところ、Wendy’sの特典が最も気前が良いように見えます。



一方で、McDonald’sは最近、Krispy Kremeとの提携も発表しました。おいしくて高カロリーのドーナツ3種類をKrispy Kremeが毎日、McDonald’sの店舗に配送して、1個ずつ、あるいは6個の箱入りで販売します。朝食の時間帯から始めて、売り切れるまで全日の提供です。Krispy Kremeのファンの方は、「すべての発端」と言われる「オリジナル・グレーズド」のほか、チョコレートのコーティングにレインボーカラーのスプリンクルを乗せたドーナツ、はたまたチョコレートのコーティングに中はクリームという軽いふわふわドーナツを買うことができます! とてもおいしそうに聞こえますが、個人的には朝食に食べる自信はありません。


Lily Noon


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