Walmart’s Launch of Bettergoods: Elevating Everyday Culinary Experiences

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Walmart has recently introduced bettergoods, its most significant private brand food launch in two decades. This new brand aims to make elevated, chef-inspired culinary experiences accessible to all customers at affordable prices. Bettergoods stands out by offering unique and trend-forward food items, expanding Walmart’s mission to provide high-quality, innovative food options while maintaining its commitment to affordability.

Bettergoods is designed to cater to modern consumers’ evolving tastes and dietary preferences. The brand encompasses a wide range of products, including frozen foods, dairy, snacks, beverages, pasta, soups, and more. Most items are priced under $5, making gourmet food experiences more attainable for everyday shoppers.

Bettergoods products fall into three distinct pillars:

1. Culinary Experiences: These products highlight innovative recipes and premium ingredients, such as specialty salts, jar soups, and Italian bronze-cut pasta. Examples include Hot Honey Seasoning and Creamy Corn Jalapeno Chowder

2. Plant-Based Offerings: Reflecting the growing demand for plant-based foods, this line includes items like Oatmilk Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts and plant-based cheese alternatives. These products are designed to provide rich flavors and satisfying textures, appealing to both plant-based and flexitarian diets.

3. “Made Without” Products: Catering to various dietary lifestyles, these items are made without artificial flavors, colorings, or added sugars. They include gluten-free options and other health-conscious choices without compromising taste.

Affordable and Animal Free

Walmart’s bettergoods plant-based category is designed to satisfy consumers seeking bold flavors without animal products. Non-dairy oat milk ice creams come in flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Blueberry Swirl, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Salted Caramel, all priced at just $3.44 a pint. 

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Beyond sweets, bettergoods also offers vegan mozzarella cheese shreds, which Walmart assures have the same satisfying pull and melt as traditional dairy cheese. The brand also introduces boxed vegan mac and cheese, available in Original and White Cheddar flavors.

“Today’s customers expect more from the private brands they purchase – they want affordable, quality products to elevate their overall food experience,” Scott Morris, Senior Vice President, Private Brands, Food, and Consumables, Walmart, said in a statement. “The launch of bettergoods delivers on that customer need in a meaningful way.” The rollout of the bettergoods range will continue across all Walmart stores in the coming months, enhancing the retailer’s plant-based offerings alongside established brands like Gardein, SO Delicious, and Daiya. This expansion aims to meet the growing demand for convenient, affordable, and health-conscious food options and supports Walmart’s sustainability goals of reaching net zero by 2040. 

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Brand Positioning and Market Impact

Bettergoods marks a strategic move by Walmart to differentiate its private label offerings from competitors. By focusing on unique and premium products, Walmart aims to attract a broader customer base seeking both value and quality. The discount retailer is pitching the new brand to shoppers looking for “elevated culinary experiences,” according to the company. With a vivid and colorful new brand identity that has the looks, messaging, and product offerings of more premium competitors, the goal, says Walmart vice president of creative and design David Hartman, was to create a brand that’s “as desirable as the leading national brands.” 

This initiative highlights Walmart’s ability to quickly bring innovative products to market, enhancing its competitive edge in the grocery sector. The introduction of bettergoods is expected to drive significant market impact, positioning Walmart as a leader in the premium grocery space.

Walmart’s bettergoods represents a significant leap forward in the retailer’s private brand strategy. By offering chef-inspired, trend-forward food items at everyday low prices, bettergoods is set to revolutionize the way consumers experience grocery shopping. This innovative brand underscores Walmart’s commitment to quality, affordability, and culinary excellence, making elevated food experiences accessible to all.

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