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Food Safety Start-Up Spore.Bio Raises $8 Million, Aims for Quick Microbiological Results


“Most of them don’t necessarily have microbiology labs in house,” he said.  “So, what they do is they take samples and send them to external labs, (and) then wait days and days before getting their results.  This puts them in really complex situations because they have to put their products in (the) market before having their microbiological results.  Then, if results come out positive, they have to organize recalls.  This technology would allow them to do tests on site and have the results within seconds.”  Amine Raji

Spore.Bio was founded in 2023 by Amine Raji and is based in Paris, France. His food and beverage manufacturing experience include work at more than 50 factories around the world with companies like Nestle. Spore.Bio aims to help food and beverage manufacturers ensure the safety of their products and avoid expensive recalls.  They have built a device for detecting pathogens immediately – right on the factory floor.  In a recent pre-seed funding round $8 million was raised led by London-based Local Globe VC.  With this funding, Spore.Bio will scientists, researchers, engineers, and industrial teams, and focus its efforts on R&D to help deploy prototypes in processing plants.

This company’s technology uses artificial intelligence and although it is still in development and being constantly updated, it should be ready for use by mid-2025.  It trains its system using advanced learning models to find the concentration of bacteria in food, drink, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics prior to advising producers of the potential risks.

Our technology combines a photonics innovation with innovative, deep learning models; we take a snapshot of lots of samples of a food product, contaminated and not, and train our algorithm to recognize the microorganism signature,” said Mr. Raji.

Previously sampling would take time and considerable expense – between 5-20 days to get results from external labs, but this technology allows for almost real-time results that are highly accurate.  This gives manufacturers time to address potential problems quickly before going to market with their products.

The company is currently working with food manufacturers who send samples to the lab where the machine learning models are trained on them and validate the performance criteria on their products.  Once this phase is complete those same companies will have first use of the new technology directly at their plants. The waitlist for the first prototypes is already oversubscribed and Spore plans to send hardware and software systems globally in 2025.

AI continues to play an important in solving the risks around pathogens and Spore’s innovative approach is “not just a technological advancement; it’s a stride towards a safer, healthier society and a clear case of how AI can solve real, industrial problems,” giving consumers and manufacturers more confidence in the safety of food today.

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「(食品・飲料メーカーの)ほとんどは、微生物試験の施設を社内に持っていません。そこでどうするかというと、サンプルを取得して社外の試験施設に送り、何日も待ってようやく結果を知らされます。このため、本当に複雑な状況が生じます。微生物試験の結果が出る前に製品を市場に送らなければならないからです。そして試験で陽性の結果が出た場合は、製品回収を手配しなければなりません。(Spore.Bioの)この技術は、その場で試験を行って、数秒以内に結果を見られるようにします」― Amine Raji

Spore.Bio2023年にAmine Raji氏が設立した会社で、フランスのパリにあります。Raji氏は、Nestleなどの食品・飲料メーカーに勤め、世界各地の50カ所以上の工場に携わった経験を有しています。Spore.Bioでは、食品・飲料メーカーが製品の安全性を確保し、高価な製品回収を回避できるようにしようとしています。工場のフロアで即座に病原体を検出するための装置を構築しました。そして、ロンドンのLocalGlobe VCが率いたシード前段階の資金調達で800万ユーロを調達しました。この資金を手に、研究者やエンジニア、また業界担当チームを増員して、研究開発を加速し、食品・飲料の加工処理工場に試作品を導入していく計画です。






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