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USDA Takes Steps to Reduce Salmonella in Poultry


The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that “Salmonella bacteria cause 1.35 million human infections and 26,500 hospitalizations in the United States every year.  Of those infections, more than 23 percent are attributed to poultry consumption. Foodborne illness can have a devastating impact, both personally and financially, on people’s lives, the cost of which reverberates through the economy.”

On April 25th an announcement by USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) proposed to declare Salmonella an adulterant in breaded, stuffed raw chicken products when they exceed a very low level of Salmonella contamination. 

This is being done to regulate poultry products “by banning them from being contaminated with a pathogen that causes foodborne illness.”  FSIS sees the announcement as a significant first step that builds on the USDA agency’s proposed regulatory framework to reduce Salmonella infections linked to poultry products, released in October 2022. 

Under this proposal, FSIS would consider any breaded stuffed raw chicken products that include a chicken component that tested positive for Salmonella prior to stuffing and breading to be adulterated.  “FSIS based its proposal on several factors, including that since 1998, FSIS and its public health partners have investigated 14 Salmonella outbreaks and 200 illnesses associated with these products. The most recent outbreak was in 2021 and resulted in illnesses across 11 states. “

FSIS is also proposing to carry out verification procedures, including sampling and testing of the chicken component of breaded stuffed raw chicken products prior to stuffing and breading, to ensure producing establishments control Salmonella in these products.

FSIS is seeking public comments on the proposed determination and the proposed verification sampling program.

You can read the full proposal from the USDA to reduce Salmonella in poultry products here.

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Lily Noon



  1. USDA Releases Proposed Regulatory Framework to Reduce Salmonella Infections Linked to Poultry ProductsUSDA、鶏肉類に関連するサルモネラ菌感染を減らすための規制枠組みを発表)、
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