Taste a Luscious “Ruby June” Strawberry! Sourcing Locally Makes Good Sense


Just when I thought I knew most of the varieties of strawberries, I see yet another is about to make its appearance!  It’s called the “Honeycrisp of Strawberries” – a Ruby June variety that is a deep dark red color and, according to Seal the Seasons, has a “sweet, luscious flavor.” My mouth is already watering in anticipation!  It will launch in 1,500 retail stores on the East Coast including Harris Teeter, Wegmans, Food Lion, Whole Foods, Lowes Foods, Ingles Markets and Weaver Street Market Co-op.

Ruby June strawberries are 50% sweeter than other varieties

This Ruby June variety strawberry is being grown on a North Carolina farm and was developed by the Lassen Canyon Nursery who claim that Ruby June is 50% sweeter than other familiar varieties such as Camino Reals or Ambrosias as measured on the Brix sweetness scale.

The real secret of the success of Seal the Seasons is their innovative and original approach to growing and marketing fruits and vegetables that are produced “locally.” The company was founded in 2014 by Patrick Mateer and Alex Piasecki while attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  They now co-pack and freeze product throughout the USA on more than 70 farms, supporting the “locally grown, locally frozen and locally sold” fruit and veggie concept.  You can find a variety of their products in more than 5000 retail locations throughout the country and stock is held locally in each region.

The concept of locally grown, frozen, and sold has become a key factor in the success of many entrepreneurs over the past few years.  By working with smaller farms and growers, companies like Seal the Seasons can avoid supply chain disruptions and increased transportation costs when moving finished product, a shorter distance to market.  Naturally this business model requires more intensive management and control due to the numerous varieties, products and farms/growers involved, but by “working closely with local farmers to bring innovative produce like Ruby June strawberries to market, the company takes a collaborative approach that better supports and develops local and regional food systems while reaching broader buying audiences.”

We will continue to see more investment from venture capitalist firms in early and growth stage food companies such as Seal the Seasons in the future.

And according to the USDA, fruits and veggies are a great healthy choice for everyone.  Some of the benefits they espouse are that local foods taste better, are seasonal, the help preserve farmland and green space, the promote food safety, they stimulate variety, they support the local community’s economy and buying local creates a sense of community!

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イチゴの品種は知り尽くしたと思った矢先に、またも新品種が登場しました! 名前は「ルビージューン」。リンゴ市場では近年「ハニークリスプ」種が人気ですが、ルビージューンは「イチゴのハニークリスプ」と呼ばれていて、深く濃い赤色が特徴。流通を手がけるSeal the Seasonsは、「甘くて官能的な風味」と評しています。そう聞いただけで、もう唾が出てきました! 当面は米国東海岸の小売店1,500店での発売予定で、Harris Teeter、Wegmans、Food Lion、Whole Foods、Lowes Foods、Ingles Markets、Weaver Street Market Co-opなどのスーパーが取扱店に含まれています。


ルビージューンは、ノースカロライナ州で栽培されています。開発元のLassen Canyon Nurseryによると、カミノレアルやアンブロシアといった他の品種に比べ、糖度を示すブリックス値が50%高いそうです。

これを販売しているSeal the Seasonsの成功の秘訣は、地産地消を基本として野菜と果物を独自に生産・販売する画期的なアプローチです。同社は2014年、ノースカロライナ大学チャペルヒル校の学生だったPatrick Mateer氏とAlex Piasecki氏によって設立されました。今では全米に事業展開して、70以上の生産者と提携し、製品を共同で梱包・冷凍することで、「地元で作られ、地元で冷凍され、地元で販売される」野菜と果物のコンセプトを支えています。全米各地の5,000以上の小売店でさまざまな製品を販売していますが、その在庫もすべて各地域内で管理しています。

地元で生産・冷凍・販売するというコンセプトは、過去数年間に事業を成長させた多くの起業家が実践しているアプローチです。Seal the Seasonsのような企業は、小規模な生産者と協力し、輸送距離を短くすることで、サプライチェーン問題と輸送費の高騰を回避することができます。  言うまでもなく、この事業モデルでは多数の品種、多数の製品、多数の生産者が関与するため、管理業務の手間が増えますが、「地元の生産者と密に連携して、ルビージューンのように画期的な製品を市場にもたらし、協働的なアプローチを取ることで、地域内の食品供給体制を支え発展させながら、より幅広い購入者に到達できる」と、同社は説明しています。

Seal the Seasonsのような会社に対するベンチャー投資は、今後も継続的に増えていくでしょう。


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