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One of the biggest continuing trends in the food arena today is plant-based foods.  I’m sure you’re all familiar and may have even sampled the “Impossible Whopper” at Burger King even if just out of curiosity.

Now, as more players enter this market, we’re seeing a variety of innovative foods in 2022 that will tempt even the most dedicated carnivores.  One product worth trying is from Vegan Finest Foods who produces some of the best vegan alternative plant-based foods.

This company uses 100% plant-based ingredients, all palm-oil free and offers “the most realistic meat, fish and cheese substitutes.”  One of the most popular brands offered and winner of the Vegan Food Award of 2020 is Zeastar Brand.

“Vegan Zeastar is all about unique and revolutionary plant-based seafood with tastes and textures that perfectly mimic their fishy counterparts.  Vegan Zeastar products are mind bogglingly realistic and ocean friendly.” Some of the current offerings are Sashimi No Tuna, Sashimi Zalmon, ShrimpZ, Crispy Lemon ShrimpZ, Crispy Chili ShrimpZ, Kalamariz, and Tasty Codd.

ZeaStar makes its vegan sashimi with a combination of Omega-3 rich oils (rapeseed and flaxseed), along with tapioca starch and glucose from seaweed to replicate the texture and flavor of fish. 

Their wildly popular Zalmon sashimi is made entirely from vegatables and is an amazing fish and tuna vegan alternative.  Ingredients are as follows:  Water 80%, trehalose 5%, modified tapioca starch 2%, stabilizer (D-sorbitol) 2%, gelling agent (konjac powder, carrageenan, carob bean gum), salt, canola oil, flaxseed oil, acidity regulator (potassium chloride), colors (red, iron oxide, paprika oleoresin, titanium dioxide).

If you’re not a sushi fan, there are plenty of new tasty vegan alternatives to consider.  Try the plant-based products from Good Foods including Queso Style Dip and Spicy Queso Blanco Style Dip.  Their newest addition is Plant Based Buffalo Style Dip made with sweet red onions and just a hint of cilantro.  Delicious!

    MyForest Foods Bacon

And let’s not forget the wonderful earthy flavors of mushrooms that add consistency and richness to sauces, pastas, and soups.  Be sure to visit MyForestFoods and discover just how they are making an amazing bacon strip from mycelium, a meaty mushroom root found in the forest that they now grow whole today in their vertical farms.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian…or even a die-hard carnivore, you’ll find all of these newest plant-based alternatives absolutely delicious…and there are more coming to market every day. This is one category to pay close attention to in 2022.

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食品業界で継続している最大のトレンドのひとつが、植物由来の食品です。Burger Kingの「Impossible Whopper」は、皆さんもよくご存じのことでしょう。好奇心から食べてみたという方もいるかもしれません。

今ではこの市場の参入企業がますます増えていて、2022年には最も肉食系の人ですら興味をそそられそうな画期的な商品が各種登場しています。試してみる価値のある商品のひとつが、ビーガン向けの良質な植物由来代替食品で知られるVegan Finest Foodsの商品です。

この会社は、植物由来の原材料を100%使用して、パーム油はいっさい使用せず、「本当の肉、魚、チーズに最も近い代替品」とうたっています。なかでも最も人気のブランドのひとつで2020年のビーガン食品賞を受賞したのが、「Zeastar Brand」という商品ラインです。

Vegan Zeastarは、とにかくユニークで画期的な植物由来のシーフードです。魚臭い本物を完ぺきに真似した味覚と食感です。驚くほど現実的で、海にやさしい商品です」。現在の商品には、「Sashimi No Tuna」(刺身用マグロ)、「Sashimi Zalmon」(刺身用サーモン)、「ShrimpZ」(エビ)、「Crispy Lemon ShrimpZ」(レモン風味のエビ天ぷら)、「Crispy Chili ShrimpZ」(チリ風味のエビ天ぷら)、「Kalamariz」(イカ)、「Tasty Codd」(タラ)などがあります。



生魚はちょっと苦手…という方にも、ビーガン向け代替食品のおいしい新商品がたくさん出ています。Good Foodsの植物由来のディップ「Queso Style Dip」や「Spicy Queso Blanco Style Dip」はいかがでしょうか。最も新しい「Plant Based Buffalo Style Dip」は、レッドオニオンの甘さにコリアンダーの香りが漂うディップです。おいしいです!

MyForest Foodsのベーコン



Lily Noon


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