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Europe Faces Another Difficult Crop Season



The European Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processors have reported it will be another tough summer season for Europe’s vegetable crops. In the North of Europe a very warm and dry summer with lack of rain since May is resulting in lower pea and corn yields. In addition winter lasted longer than usual and the spring was very wet which delayed plantings.  In Europe’s South growing areas there has been too much precipitation which has hindered crops there.   In general the extreme weather conditions around Europe will lead to losses in yields and quality.

Hungary as well as Belgium have reported pea losses.

The North Western European Potato Growers Association has reported that extremely dry weather could affect the potato yields. However more recent reports state that there will be a major yield reduction for potatoes this season.  Very hot dry drought conditions has slowed growth and potatoes are small.   French Fry output will be affected as large size potatoes are required for production and raw material supply is already short.

Europe’s recent weather patterns has also affected fruit. In the case of Serbian raspberries, frequent rain in springtime will result in lower quality fruit and cooler weather in Greece has affected peach yields there, while Italy will suffer a poor Kiwi season due to frost back in April.

United States

It has been an unusually warm and sunny summer in the Pacific Northwest and crops are coming on quickly. Green Peas came on fast and furious causing the season to begin early and end early. Some manufacturers had a difficult time keeping up with the crop.  A few suppliers report good yields and for the most part budgets were met, however the pea market is firm due to struggles in the Midwest and Europe. Both Midwest processors and European processors are looking to buy peas. 

Sweet Corn season began earlier this year as hot weather (triple digits) in growing regions of Eastern WA and Oregon moved the crop along quickly. Corn season is in full swing and to date the season looks to be a good one but it will depend on future weather conditions.   Price movement is going up, not down.

Colombia Basin processing potatoes are starting up. Potatoes do not like excessive heat so the verdict is still out on whether this recent heat will affect quality.   Weather will be cooling off a bit in the coming days.

Planting and harvest conditions in the Midwest region was a struggle this season.

Excessive wet weather and then extreme heat reduced yields on peas. Sweet Corn season has begun and seems to have fared a bit better than peas with normal yields expected to date.

High heat has certainly affected Oregon blueberries. Peak harvest is completed and overall fruit size has been variable with lower yields than expected.

Blueberries in Western WA are ripening quickly due to recent heat. Reports of some soft fruit and continued heat will not help.

Eastern WA blueberry crop completed.   Yields smaller than anticipated due to hot weather.

Seems to be the same situation in British Colombia with heat bringing on the blueberry season early resulting in lower yields and soft fruit.

On a side note the blueberry season was projected to produce 180,000 MT of processed blueberries (U.S.A. and Canada).  However due to the shortfall in some Eastern states early in the season fresh market prices went up and depending on how the fresh market continues it could mean reduced volumes for the freezers and higher blueberry prices.

For the most part Raspberry season is now completed.   Better yields than expected and average quality although the warm weather towards the end of season softened some fruit.


New season broccoli in full swing. To date all conditions are good.


Rainy Season has commenced in the Bajio Valley of Mexico and broccoli and cauliflower now being pulled from the Northern highlands in Guanajuato and Puebla.  Average volumes and quality are reported.


Asparagus season will commence in September.


August is China’s hottest month and high temperatures have swept through China recently. Frequent typhoons during summer have hurt some of the crops there.

Zhejiang Province

Edamame production is completed. It was a shorter season this year , however quality is reported as good and prices have increased.

Eggplant production is underway and quality and prices are stable.

Fujian Province

Edamame production is completed and due to bringing in raw material from other growing regions prices from this province are higher than usual.

Lychee production is finished. Yields and quality are excellent and prices are lower than last season.

Shandong Province

Edamame production still underway. Production output is more than last season and quality looks very good. Domestic market and international demand are low which has driven the price down. As well raw material price is lower compared to last year.


































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