European Consumers Want Healthy, Nutritious Frozen Foods


If you’re looking for the latest food trend, it just might be hiding in the freezer aisle. Led by millennials and European consumers, frozen foods are currently enjoying a renaissance in popularity–with lucrative results for innovative food producers.

RBC Capital markets show that for the first time since 2013, frozen food volume growth is positive. Frozen food sales are increasing in value in five important European markets: the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany. As of February 2018, the UK frozen food sector was valued at EUR 5.5 billion, while German was valued at the even greater sum of EUR 10.1 billion.

The same convenience that made TV dinners a hit during the 1950s is currently winning consumers back to frozen foods. Workers with busy schedules have little time to prepare labor-intensive meals, but they are savvy consumers who are no longer willing to compromise on taste or nutrition.

Meanwhile, recent studies show that flash frozen meats, fish, and vegetables have the same or more nutritional value compared to fresh options. This is due to the finding that the nutrients in many groceries become less potent the longer they sit on a shelf. By contrast, flash freezing preserves freshly harvested items when their nutritional content is at its peak.

Frozen foods also typically allow consumers to take advantage of cost savings, in part because they reduce food waste. Unlike fresh ingredients, which tend to spoil quickly and might be wasted if someone doesn’t have time to prepare them, frozen foods have a much longer shelf life.

Finally, frozen meals can allow consumers to get a taste of exotic, luxurious, or out of season ingredients they may not be able to obtain, afford, or prepare in fresh forms. Gourmet soups and smoothies are go-to frozen items, along with organic meals, locally sourced meals, plant-based meals, and unique ice cream flavors.


RBC Capital Marketsの調べによると、2013年以来初めて、冷凍食品市場が拡大を示しました。冷凍食品は、ヨーロッパの5つの主要市場、イギリス、スペイン、オランダ、イタリア、ドイツで売上高を伸ばしています。2018年2月時点で、イギリスの冷凍食品市場は55億ユーロ、ドイツはさらに大きく101億ユーロの規模と見積もられました。







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