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These days we take a lot of things for granted; especially how easy it is to shop online!  For many of us, those days of shopping at the mall are almost a thing of the past as we look instead to purchase online from Amazon or Walmart, two of the world’s largest e-commerce stores.  After all, we can order just about anything we need, even our groceries and frozen food items.

Let’s look at a few areas of comparison between these two giants:


Amazon Prime is a big winner for many.  This subscription service for only $13 per month or $119 annual fee gives us free two-day shipping on eligible items and if you’re lucky enough to live in an eligible zip code you can get one-day or even same day free shipping. And there are other features too – like music, video content and books.

Free Delivery with Amazon Prime

Walmart has several different options with various pricing for next day, two-day and three-five day.  Next day costs $6 for orders under $35 and its free for orders more than $35. Two day is the same but there is availability in many more locations.  Note that all of Walmart’s shipping options are available to everyone without a subscription fee, however Walmart+ does offer unlimited free delivery if you elect to join.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Walmart increased efforts to compete with Amazon in the home-delivery area.  It’s a fight for a loyal customer base for sure.  Walmart may be behind Amazon right now in terms of online performance but keep in mind that between 2017–2019 it saw a 207% growth in e-commerce customers.

Food Items:

Amazon offers Amazon Fresh. Using Amazon Fresh you pick out your groceries from their online store and have them delivered – for free in eligible regions as long as your order is more than $35.  The charge is a flat shipping fee of $6 which is waived for orders over $35 if you have Amazon Prime.  Since Amazon owns Whole Foods, you can order Whole Foods items on Amazon and arrange for free pick-up within an hour of your order (for orders over $35).

Walmart offers a free grocery pick up service – order from the online sight and then pick up curbside at a pre-arranged time slot (set by you). Walmart has thousands of physical locations where you can pick up groceries while Amazon does not. If you want Walmart to deliver, they do have a two-hour delivery option but there are fees to pay.  These fees are waived if you sign up for WALMART+. 

Take a look online at Walmart’s grocery site and the Amazon grocery shopping site to compare the shopping experience.


Moneywise did a study across several product categories “and the result showed that on average items were 10.37 percent cheaper” from Walmart.  Surprisingly, for food and beverages, Amazon was found to be a bit cheaper overall, but this is always changing.  Amazon offers discounts and incentives like coupons and discounts to Prime members.  Walmart offers more clearance items and rollback discounts and incentives for customers picking up their orders in store.


Amazon has almost everything you could be looking for with many brands and options.  Walmart on the other hand also has a huge selection and continues to grow this area as the online marketplace expands but Amazon is the winner here.


Choosing to buy from Walmart means you will save you a little since prices are lower and you won’t have to pay a subscription fee.  Grocery delivery is extremely cost-effective from Walmart and depending on what you spend, you can get free and relatively fast shipping on most of the orders you place.  With Amazon, most people don’t mind their subscription fee – just pay it once a year and you’re done.  This affords you not only free delivery but other benefits such as shows and music with new additions coming all the time.  And you may even get drone delivery soon now that it has been approved by the FAA. Choosing Amazon offers better customer service than Walmart (at this time).

There is no doubt that Amazon is more well-established and offers a streamlined way for consumers to buy whatever they are looking for and get it quickly and easily.  There are also many third-party sellers that offer products through Amazon’s fulfillment services providing even more options for the consumer.  Walmart’s online services are still in the early stages of development and not as consumer friendly, fast and easy to use as Amazon.  But make no mistake, Walmart is on the move and you can expect the competition to increase in the future.

Lily Noon


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