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Northwest sweet corn harvest will be completed in the next week.   While a fewprocessors are already done, there are a few still processing.   The weather has turned cool, so everyone is trying best to button up the season before a major frost hits.   The market is a tight one both on conventional corn and organic corn although here are one or two processors who do have a bit of extra conventional corn available.

The smoke cover in the Pacific Northwest over the summer from fires cooled the air and delayed the growth of much of the harvest.   A wind storm in September/October knocked down various corn fields and was more apparent in the Pasco/TriCity area where some were hit harder than others.  We have heard at least 1500 acres were lost.  A few processors have advised that yields are slightly off this season but nothing very dramatic.   

With corn shortages in the Midwest region and Europe, coming into season with lower than usual inventories, plus some loss of yields here in the Pacific Northwest, expect for a tight sweet corn market with prices firm going forward.  Most Northwest suppliers are officially off market, for the time being.

Carrot harvest should be wrapping up this month and harvest is reported as average.

North American Potato Market News has reported, that raw potato contracts were reduced by 15% – 20% for 2020.  North American processors expected to use 2019 storage potatoes through the month of September/October however stocks were depleted sooner than anticipated (by end August/first of September)

Most processors were planning to purchase open market potatoes if and when sales began to improve, however most growers opted not to plant potatoes on their ground once contracts were released due to the covid pandemic.  Now that sales are slightly improving for most processors there is a question whether or not processors will now be able to secure enough potatoes on the open market to meet the improved demand.   Most processors are now trying to pull raw potatoes from Idaho which is the only region which still has potatoes available on open market.

The season is ahead of schedule with much of the crop already harvested, ahead of the 5-year average.   However recent freezing termperatures (16 degrees F to 18 degress F) in the the Pasco and Moses Lake areas during the tail end of the harvest will affect those pototoe’s recovery rates.

Midwest region is expected to be under budget for sweet corn due to various unfavorable weather conditions.  Cooler weather and rain delayed the season.    The harvest is completed, and snow is being reported in some of the regions, including parts of Wisconsin.

Midwest Green Bean season is completed.  The cooler temperatures and wet weather slowed down progress and there may be some shortages of beans coming out of this area.

Maine’s Wild Blueberry season has been a disaster this year.  Struggling with an unusual frost in June, then drought conditions during summer and labor disruptions due to the Covid pandemic, the season estimate is between 50 to 60 million pounds.  A normal year will produce an 84-million-pound crop.   Demand is high and so will be the prices.

U.S. cranberry season has begun and will continue through this month. Estimates are for increased yields this season.  


Potato growing conditions vary in Canada.   Eastern Canada struggled through a very hot and dry season while Western Canada fared much better and is reporting good yields and quality.   Overall Canadian potato production is expected to be down.    The Canadian potato industry is experiencing all of the same challenges as their American neighbors due to the Covid pandemic.

Mexico:  Weather conditions are now improving and new season fields which will be coming to harvest this month look very good and have not been hindered by the past rainy weather.   The forward forecaste for Mexico’s agricultural regions is for continued warm weather and sunny skies.

Spinach season in Mexico is now underway and is expected to run through April/May.  

Mexico’s avocado season is also ongoing.


Peak broccoli harvest is ongoing and to date conditions have been good with plenty of rain to help the crops along.    Guatemala’s okra season has begun and will continue through middle January.


Much rain and cooler temperatures have affected the output of Ecuador’s broccoli crop, both conventional and organic.  

A drop in mango harvest has also been a result of the recent wet and cooler weather.


Asparagus season is underway in Peru.   Due to labor shortages there may be a reduction of yields.   Avocado season in Peru has concluded and there seems to be ample supply.


Asparagus season and berry season have commenced in Chile.   To date reports are that the Asparagus quality looks very good and prices are expected to remain stable, however Covid makes it difficult to predict future fluctuations.

Some lower temperatures in blueberry regions have delayed fruit ripening, while the increased number of orchards should keep volumes high.   As well Chile expects a high yielding strawberry season due to increased acreage.   Strawberry season should run through March.


Brussel Sprout season has commenced in Belgium with a good season anticipated.   Carrot and green bean season are now completed and has been disappointing with lower yields due to weather related issues.   The market will be tight on most types of carrots and green beans.

Reported by the North Western European Potato Growers Association the season the 5 largest potato producing countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Great Britain) potato harvest should increase by about 1.4% to 27.9 million tons although the yields vary from country to country. 


The situation for raw material sweet corn has improved, due to much needed rain.   Reports indicate that prices for finished product could soften in future.


Sweet Corn was affected by strong weather patterns.  Wind and Rain were reported in the growing regions.  Raw Product has been forecasted to be lower than predicted. 

Pear production across China is expected to be approximately 15% lower this season due to poor weather in the Northern part of the country, however in the Korla region, the Korla pears, known for their fragrance is expected to have a very good season with an increase in yields of almost 20%.

Edamame season in China has been affected by heavy rains and flooding and reduced yields are anticipated.  Prices have increased dramatically.

Water Chestnut season will begin in December, but the outlook is not good.   Due to low prices last year, acreage was cut by approximately 1/3 and weather-related problems such as rain will affect the yields.





North American Potato Market Newsによると、生ジャガイモの契約量が今年は15~20%減となっています。北米の加工業者は、9月、10月は2019年からの貯蔵ジャガイモを使用すると見られていましたが、思ったよりも早く(8月末か9月第1週までに)在庫が尽きてしまいました。




中西部では、さまざまな悪天候に見舞われたせいで、スイートコーンが予算を下回る見通しです。低温と多雨でシーズンが遅れました。 収穫は終了し、ウィスコンシン州をはじめ一部地域では雪も報告されています。





 カナダではジャガイモの生育状況にばらつきがあります。東部は非常に暑く乾燥したシーズンに苦しみましたが、西部ははるかに良い状況で、質・量ともに上々と伝えられています。全体としてカナダのジャガイモ生産量は下がる見通しです。 カナダのジャガイモ業界は、新型コロナウイルス感染症のため、お隣の米国とまったく同じ困難に直面しています。






ブロッコリーは、収穫の最盛期が続いていて、これまでのところ、十分な雨に助けられて良好な状況です。 オクラはシーズンが始まったばかりで、1月中旬まで続きます。



















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