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Noon International is a small international trading company that specializes in buying and selling frozen fruits and vegetables globally as well as in the U.S. domestic market. Looking at our volumes, you really wouldn’t call us “small” in our particular category of the import and export of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables; but compared to other giants out there like Walmart or other multinationals…we’re definitely small.  However, we are blessed with certain advantages of being “small” in times like this…when COVID-19 is putting pressure on all facets of the food industry from production to supply chain.

Under normal conditions, larger buyers and importers like Walmart have definite advantages.  They have huge buying and price power because of their volumes. Normally, they have a continuous pipeline of supply, so they don’t need to carry large inventories – 60 days is the average. Their orders are first in line when it comes to production, hence they don’t experience delays in receipt of goods like a smaller company might.

But regrettably, they are usually SLOW to move in times of turmoil.  Slow to make decisions and policy changes, slow to redirect resources and make required label changes if necessary. Slow to change sourcing supplies. Slow to respond to customer orders and requests.  Just too slow.

Internationally, consider the trading conditions that happened recently. First things slowed down with the first round of import duties imposed on China and not long after came interruptions due to COVID-19, the full impact of which has not yet been assessed.   Almost overnight, the pipelines of these giants were no longer full, and the 60-day inventories diminished…even running out at a time when consumer demand was rising.

Now here’s the thing.  Most larger corporations are simply not as nimble as smaller companies like Noon International. It is in trying times like this that we shine.  Whether it is procuring a commodity that you need or arranging a shipment on contract – we make it happen.  Truckers and containers have been in tight supply recently…but our products continue to move.  Need to change your ship date or increase your order?  No problem.

The secret is being nimble – being able to turn on a dime. It’s finding the hidden benefits when faced with problems.  It’s coming together as a company with open communication and working overtime if necessary and even from home to get you the answers you need.  It’s getting your documents to you so that your business can continue normally, without interruption.  It’s finding more product for you if you need to fill your pipeline…or slowing something down if you are facing reductions like in the food service area.

There is a LOT we can do to help you in times like this.  We thank you for your continued support and look forward to being of service to you.

Because sometimes, being smaller has its benefits.

The Noon International Team

(Please continue to contact us by email or phone during this lockdown period).



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Noon Internationalは、小さな貿易商社です。冷凍の野菜と果物を専門とし、米国内と世界各地で売買しています。弊社の取引量を見れば、冷凍・缶詰の野菜と果物の輸出入という特定カテゴリーにおいては「小さい」というほどではないかもしれませんが、ウォルマートや他の多国籍企業のような大手と比べれば、間違いなく小規模です。でも、小さいがゆえのメリットもあり、特に新型コロナウイルス感染症によって、生産からサプライチェーンまで、食品業界のあらゆる側面にプレッシャーがかかっている今、そのメリットが発揮されています。


しかし残念なことに、今のような動乱の時には得てして動きが遅いのも事実です。  意思決定やポリシー変更に時間がかかる。リソース配分や必要なラベル表示の変更にも時間がかかる。調達品の変更もしかり。注文や顧客からのリクエストへの対応もしかり。とにかく、何もかもが遅いのです。


ここからが肝心なところです。ほとんどの大手企業は、Noon Internationalのような中小企業の敏捷性を持ち合わせていません。このような試練の時こそが、私たちの輝く時です。必要な商品の生産であれ、契約品の出荷の手配であれ、私たちは、実現してみせます。最近はトラックもコンテナも不足気味ですが、弊社の商品は動いています。出荷日や注文量の変更が必要でも、問題ありません。すぐさま対応いたします。




Noon Internationalのチーム一同




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