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FDA Introduces New Strategies for Evaluating the Safety of Imported Foods


In February 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published “Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food,” a new resource designed to ensure food safety. The resource is just one part of the larger plan for food safety in 2020 as the FDA requests $6.1 billion to improve its ability to detect and respond to foodborne illness.

The United States imports food from more than 200 countries worldwide, with up to 15 million food shipments that constitute roughly 15 percent of the U.S.’s overall food supply expected to arrive in 2019 alone. Nearly all of America’s seafood is imported, as is much of its produce. More than half of fresh fruit is harvested abroad, along with approximately one-third of all vegetables.

Because safety standards vary between countries of origin, the FDA faces a significant challenge in ensuring that all imported foods uphold the U.S.’s safety standards. To help, the FDA’s imported food safety strategy is organized around four key goals:

  • Goal 1: Food Offered for Import Meets U.S. Food Safety Requirements
  • Goal 2: FDA Border Surveillance Prevents Entry of Unsafe Foods
  • Goal 3: Rapid and Effective Response to Unsafe Imported Food
  • Goal 4: Effective and Efficient Food Import Program

The new strategy document also outlines new oversight tools that will allow regulators to enforce safety standards domestically and abroad.

In addition to the new strategy for imported food safety, the FDA plans to invest in whole genome sequencing (WGS), a groundbreaking technique that will allow food safety investigators to discover and mitigate the effects of contamination.

2019年2月、米国の食品医薬品局(FDA)が、食品安全性を確保するための新しいリソースとして『Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food(輸入食品の安全性のための戦略)』を発行しました。FDAでは、食中毒の検出・対応強化のための予算として2020年に61億ドルを要請していますが、今回発行されたリソースは、食品安全性に関する大きな計画の一部にすぎません。



  • 目標1:輸入用の食品が、米国の食品安全性要件を満たすこと
  • 目標2:FDAの国境監視活動によって、安全でない食品の密輸を防ぐこと
  • 目標3:安全でない食品が輸入された場合に、すばやく効果的に対応すること
  • 目標4:効果的かつ効率的な食品輸入制度を確立すること





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