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Both Mexico And Europe Struggle With Crops This Season



The drought conditions earlier in the year and then the excess rain during the planting season has continued to give challenges to the Mexican broccoli and cauliflower industry.   The rain continued in Mexico during September and October when the rainy season should usually end.   The total precipation in the state of Guanajuato has surpassed the previous years numbers by over 15% – 20% as of end of September.  It has been difficult for all Mexican growers/processors to control fungus in the fields due to humidity and rain.   Mexico’s anticipated good harvest in October did not happen.  Inventories are low or non existent at this moment and hopes are now pinned to a good November through April harvest.  The rain needs to stop.

United States

Corn harvest is now completed.  Most suppliers came in on budget, with favorable quality, however the market is still tight due to demand.   The cooler weather at the end of harvest slowed growth down and some report that yields did suffer during the last days of harvest.

The pea market has continued to be firm due to production levels worldwide.  We suspect this to remain until new crop arrives in 2019.  Processors throughout the Pacific Northwest met budget with decent yields and quality; however the Midwest is still looking for supply to off-set their pea losses.

Potato harvest for processing potatos is almost completed in the Pacific Northwest.  Harvest was average , however high demand due to shortages in Europe is making for a tight market.   Added capacity is coming on line in both the Colombia Basin and Idaho, which will result in exta finished product,however it is still unknow how quickly factories will be getting their new lines ramped up to run at capacity in order to meet demand.   A very hot dry summer in other areas of the United States, (Eastern Canada and PEI) caused disappointment in crop outcome with the lowest yield rate since 2008.  PEI area has more potatos to harvest , however the rains keep hindering harvest there.

The most recent Food Institue Report advised that frozen cut corn stocks in U.S. storage at the end of September showed an increase of 7% compared to last year at this same time, frozen green peas dropped by about 20% , while frozen french frys were down 4% compared to this same time last year.


Guatemala is suffering the same situation as Mexico.  Too much rain and humidity has caused a reduced broccoli crop with quality issues.


Processing Potatoes:  Reports continue to come in with news of a short potato pack in Europe for processing. It depends on the region on how difficult the situation is.  As an example Belgium reports that potato yields fell by about 30%, while Germany and the Netherlands fell about 25% and France only 5%.  Recent articles claim that on average french fry length will be shorter and we have heard that fast food chains such as McDonalds Europe must readjust menus and cooking equipment to accomodate the shorter length on their frys this season.  In the meantime Euopean processors are notifying buyers that they will not be able to take on any new business this season.  A great opportunity for North American processors to gain some ground, however it is yet to be seen if capacity here in North America will be able to keep up with the demand.


Food News has recently reported that there are mixed signals coming out of Hungary in reference to their sweet corn season.  While some say there will be a record harvest others advise the adverse weather conditions will lead to crop losses.  Also noted by FoodNews, the largest export provider in Europe for Sweet Corn in cans and frozen is Hungray and that country’s exports continue to rise.


Blueberry season has begun and to date we hear of a good crop.


Zhejiang Province

Broccoli and Cauliflower continue to grow, and at this time there is no indication of the overall outcome of the season.

Fuijan Province

Edamame:  Crop is healthy; however the new tariffs will play a large role in this season’s export of Edamame.

Shandong Province

Edamame production has been completed.  Price is firm due to domestic demand, however the new tariffs will dictate the over all demand of this crop for export to the USA.























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